Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Milestone - First inside layer Complete!

Dat'z it! First complete inner layer of fiberglass. OMG what a marathon. I can't believe it's taken me months & months to get this done. Oh well, it's done!

The designer was concerned a bit about the small overlaps in the fabrics at certain points so I added another layer of 17 oz tape over the joints.
Extra layer of 17 oz tape on overlaps
The transom got wetted out this morning. A bit longer than I thought it would take. The complex corners & curve of the transom require plenty of squeegeeing, tugging & darts to make it conform.
Transom glassed!
Gotta run to the store for mix. There's a bottle of Cap'n Morgan's to be christened! Wohoo!

Standby.....  Now I gotta do it all over again in 12 oz fiberglass! *Sigh*

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