Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Mother of all Bubbles

Usually you got small bubbles to deal with when you're fiberglassing a boat. I dunno what the h*ck I did wrong this time but I gone one Mother of a Bubble!
The Mother of all bubbles!
It's about 12" wide and 10" high. I had rolled out a smaller bubble (a few times) before I left the shed yesterday morning. I should have gone back and checked before the epoxy finally cured. My bad.
Bubble cut out
About the only cure for this sort of situation is to cut out the bubble, grind back to good glass and insert a patch. I did consider cutting a slit in it and filling the void with epoxy then putting some weights on it but that almost never works.
Patched & Peel Plied
All patched up. I'll add another layer of glass later just for good measure.

That pretty much screws the day. Maybe I'll go shooting or something.


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