Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Thrust Plate for Python Drive

Today's plan, 'cause it was so friggin' hot & muggy & rainy was to cut some aluminum again. This time for the thrust plate for the Python Drive.
Raw thrust plate with cutout
This part of the task required a 5" hole saw. I bought one off of e-Bay and picked that up on Sunday. Worked like a charm!
Lining up the mounting holes
I was worried about getting the mounting holes lined up perfectly. Measurements provided were 157 mm. Dunno what that is in inches. Good thing my electronic calipers go that high!
Nailed it!
Anywho, nailed it right on! I amaze even myself every once in awhile! :-)

Needed to make a few more cuts on the skeg plate and remembered I destroyed my jig saw last time. Soooooo it's off to Canadian Tire for the second time today! Luckily the jig saws & drill bits were on sale! :-)
These won't look like this too long!
The Jig Saw is pretty cool. Does pretty much everything 'cept wipe y'er butt! ;-)  I've probably got 50 drill bit kits now. Didn't have one with a half inch bit as it seams. Could have bought the single bit for $7.99 or the entire 29 piece kit for $19.99.

Weather is cloudy with showers and a bit cooler tomorrow. Back in the boat for some sandinsanity and maybe some fiberglassin'!