Monday, August 31, 2015

Keel second layer

Took a few days off to rest up the hands & shoulder. Think it did some good. Not hurting quite as much today.

Did a couple hours of sanding this morning on the box keel to get it in shape for the next layer of fiberglass.
Glass laid out in keel
This 12 oz glass is a bit of a bugger to work with. It drapes nicely over the bends etc. but moves around at the slightest touch. There's no way to get it all in position until it's wet then use the squeegee to get it going the way you want it to go. Other than that it's very nice stuff to work with.
I've got Wrinkles!
 You can see how 'floppy' this stuff is in the pic above. The slightest tug to straighten it out here causes another wrinkle elsewhere!
Looking aft towards end of box keel
The 12 oz glass is wide, 60" and it'll go from one side of the keel to the other very easily. If this becomes a PITA I'll just slit it off and overlap the other side in the middle of the bottom of the keel.

Errands to run today. Goop tomorrow!  :-)


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