Monday, August 17, 2015

Stbd side bottom glass

Been hot around here so been goofing off a bit. Managed a little sanding Saturday and this morning before it got too hot. Had to clean up all the rough fabric edges, drips & spills.
Stbd side aft bottom panel
Only took an hour or so and I was rolling out the fabric.
Stbd side aft fabric rolled out
I'm going to do the bottom & sides the same as the port side in two sections. Much easier to manage by myself. Doesn't look like we're going to get a break in the heat till Thursday. I'll muddle along doing what I can.

It was pretty warm up in the boat this morning. Nice breeze blowing through the shed but you don't get any inside the hull so I dragged Big BJ up to help.
Big BJ
Think I paid $50 for this on sale at Lowes. It's been in constant use ever since. You've seen it up on top of the boat before. Now, when you're working around inside the hull everything wants to head towards the box keel (Bilge).  Big BJ was no different. I tried to catch it as it was falling but had my air nozzle in my hand.
Ooops! Custom blade & custom air nozzle
Close up of the custom blade
A few mins with the vice grips and the blade was back into shape. Can't say the air nozzle will ever be the same again!  ;-)


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