Saturday, August 1, 2015

Skeg & Python Drive Plate

The skeg is all ready to be welded up (once I find someone). I beveled the edges that'll be welded with my router. Don't know if it's kosher but it's done now.
Parts for the skeg beveled
Had to clean up some of the chazzled sections with a grinder. Probably not needed but it's done now!  ;-)
A little cleanup required
Nursing a sore back today. Don't know what I did to inflame that lil' injury. It's been good for weeks now. Started to lay out the thrust plate for the Python Drive.
This will be the thrust plate for the Python Drive
Doesn't look like much now but it'll take shape shortly. I have to get a 120 mm hole saw. That's gonna be spendy! I think I'll be able to use it quite a bit on the boat so it's a good investment.