Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Son of a Bubble

Got an early start at the boat this morning. Must have crapped my PJ's or something! :-)  Was in the shed by 7:30 sanding the bottom starboard side and the transom.
Bottom panel starboard side forward glass laid out
Transom glass laid up and trimmed
Took me a couple of hours to get the glass measured, laid out and trimmed. The bow section is a beotch 'cause everything wants to slide down the hull into the bilge, including me. :-( 

Took a wee break and then started gooping the bottom panel. After it was done, about an hour & 20 minutes or so I turn around and see 'SON OF A BUBBLE!' Gawd Dammit!
Son of a Bubble
I sat there and watched the stupid thing growing. The pic above it's about 3" across. Five minutes later it's about 6" across. Hell with this, out comes the 'Bubble Buster'!  :-)  I nailed that sucker before it could get any bigger or sprout any offspring! Has to be something off gassing in the plywood. It wasn't overly warm today, 22 C in the shed.
No More Bubbles!
Got it all gooped before 11:30. Hands are sore sore sore! Friggin' carpal tunnel sh*tdrome! I would have liked to do the transom today but it'll have to wait till tomorrow.