Sunday, August 9, 2015

Port Side Forward Fiberglassing

Thank you everyone who's visited our lil' blog since 2010, all 100,000 of you! :-)

I started out at 9'ish this morning so I wouldn't disturb the neighbors with the Death Metal music I listen to while fiberglassing!  :-)

Rolled on a neat coat of epoxy
Pre-coating the bare plywood helps with wetting out the fabric. The dry wood absorbs a bit of epoxy and can leave you with dry spots if you don't pre-coat the plywood. Anywho, that's the theory.
3/4 done
After about 1 hr 45 mins I made it 3/4's of the way down the panel before I took my first break. The last lil' bit right in the bow is a real PITA so I took a 20 min break instead of 10! :-)
All done
Almost exactly 3 hrs to wet out and squeegee the whole 16' of fiberglass. I only peel plied the end where the sheets of fabric will overlap. I'm going to end up sanding the rest before the next layer of fabric goes on. See how it goes.
Dead Soldiers!
And as I predicted 2 gallons of epoxy to wet out that 16' panel! I'm gettin' pretty good and guestimating the materials eh?

That's 'nuff for now. Shower time.


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