Saturday, August 15, 2015

Little diversion still boat related

Felt like crap yesterday so only relocated stuff in the boat to the port side and a wee bit of sanding then called it a day.

Going to be another hot one today with humidity approaching 100% so I decided I was only going to tinker in the shed. Since the issue with the big bubble in the fiberglass I've come to think that the area was contaminated with moisture or oil from the air compressor. There's a small water filter on the compressor and maybe it's not big enough.

I don't ever bring stuff home from the dump but on one run a few weeks ago I spotted this forlorn lil' air compressor sitting on top of the scrap metal heap. I skooped it up and brought it home with some thought to making it useful again. Thought maybe I could convert it into a large air dryer.
Dump Find! Score!
Anywho, after some deliberation on one of the boat building forums some great ideas got tossed around. Then this morning I was on a run to Canadian Tire to get a headlamp for the Admiral's Speedster. A little voice inside my head said: 'Go Down The Air Tool Isle.' Which I did and Walla! The large MasterCrap air dryer was on sale! I'd eyeballed these before but was unwilling (cheap) to pay the regular $45.95 for it. The sale price? A cool $19.95 so I snatched it up and scurried off to the cash with my prize before anymore voices popped into my head with more bright ideas!
FrankenManifold takes shape!
Two trips to the local hardware store for various pipe adapters & connectors ($13) and FrankenManifold is born!
Alt view of FrankenManifold
Dunno if I've done this right. Haven't read the instructions yet! Who needs instructions anyways. But there are now two filters on the left side outlet. That side has the pressure regulator and I'll use it for spray paint guns etc. The other side only passes through the big filter and has no regulator so it's 120 PSI and I'll use it for all the high speed spinning wheels of death and the impact wrench! I do have another pressure regulator if anyone thinks I need it.

Supposed to be warm again tomorrow and Monday. We'll see how much gets done.


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